Project Description
urlbot is a simple IRC bot that captures URLs from channels it's sitting in. It then stores those URLs for querying over IRC by users.

Initially this was just a way of having better URL logging, however it's developed a into a little bit more. It now supports queries built be end users using Dynamic LINQ that can be saved and run against the URL database.

Currently URLs are stored in memory but can be saved to XML and reloaded in case the bot needs to be restarted.

We are open to suggestions for features, and any developers wanting to contribute please get in touch!

Features we're looking to add include: -
  • Different data stores
  • More details about a URL, e.g. StatusCode to filter out 404s
  • Caching of links to images

All commands are issued using "!". A simple query of URLs can be done using "!urls". This can be extended by the user to narrow a search, for example "!urls matching https" to return all URLs to SSL content.

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